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What is this award?
Your office or building is a reflection of your personality. It says a lot about you as a person and the life you lead but if your office or place of business isn't clean, then it may not be saying what you want others to hear, or in this case see. Most of us were brought up with understanding the virtues of cleanliness, but we sometimes find it the most difficult virtue to attain, especially when it comes to cleaning. A professional Suffolk County Cleaning Service can help you change all that. We are licensed and insured.

A messy office is simply unproductive and chaotic. Living everyday in clutter and unfinished chores can take the pleasure out of life. It robs you of time and energy, because truthfully, it's impossible to find anything when you need it without an extensive and exhaustive search. A professional Suffolk County Cleaning Service regards housekeeping chores as a creative and valuable endeavor. Out of total chaos they can create true order. Out of total desolation can come a meticulously clean home or office.

On the other hand you may be neat and organized but don't have the time or compulsion to always maintain things the way you'd like. Or maybe you just hate cleaning. You're not alone. A professional Suffolk County Cleaning Service understands that not everyone appreciates the joys of cleaning but instead finds it a stressful and tedious task that can conflict with time, family, work, and hobbies. By hiring a reputable Suffolk County Cleaning Service you can get those moments of rest, those well-deserved breaks, and personal time and space.


Six Star Cleaning Service, a Suffolk County Cleaning Service Creates Order

Six Star Cleaning Service, a quality Suffolk County Cleaning Service will customize its high-quality commercial services to suit your individual needs and satisfy you as the customer. Flexible appointments can be set up on a daily, weekly or monthly basis so that they work with your schedule. They will also arrange a post-construction clean up or one-time cleaning appointment upon request.
When you hire a Six Star Cleaning Service, a Suffolk County Cleaning Service you will be employing well-mannered professionals who do their jobs quietly and efficiently without disrupting your normal routine and privacy. These are people that will pay particular attention to detail. This professional Suffolk County Cleaning Service will take special care of your walls, upholstery, carpets, and floors. They are knowledgeable on which materials to use for all kinds of floors like hardwood, marble, granite, ceramic, or linoleum. Stains, spills, grease, soap scum and candle wax will all be taken care of in the correct manner.

Six Star Cleaning Service, a Suffolk County Cleaning Service Creates Comfort

Six Star Cleaning Service, a skilled Suffolk County Cleaning Service offers you affordable and competitive rates on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can rest assured that whatever arrangements you make will be kept, you won't be let down and they'll be there when you need them most. Whenever you are expecting visitors at the office or new tenants in your rental apartment you can take advantage of other services such as one-time cleaning appointments. These are one-time cleanings which can be pre-arranged by you, your real estate agent, or your broker on a per need basis.

Six Star Cleaning Service, a Suffolk County Cleaning Service will move thoroughly from room to room, section by section.

Six Star Cleaning Service, a Suffolk County Cleaning Service That Values Your Health

Six Star Cleaning Service, a professional Suffolk County Cleaning Service cares about the health of you and your employees. They will use safe, non-toxic cleaners where necessary. Their cleaning supplies such as cloths, mops, and dusters are always sanitized and stored separately according to usage. Vacuum cleaners will have appropriate filters to help keep your home free of dust and other airborne contaminants.

In your workplace a clean environment will leave clients with a positive impression as well as increase productivity. It improves the motivation of people employed in commercial offices, schools, and recreational facilities like fitness centers. Doctors' offices and day care centers need to maintain strict hygienic standards because they take care of patients and children. An expert Six Star Cleaning Service, a Suffolk County Cleaning Service understands the need for and adheres to these high standards.

Only hardworking men and women who have been well trained in cleaning techniques are employed by a dependable Six Star Cleaning Service, a local Suffolk County Cleaning Service. They take pride in doing their job well and are proficient and trustworthy. Six Star Cleaning Service, a Suffolk County Cleaning Service also maintains a high standard of safety. All its workers are insured and bonded in case of injury or damage and also for your security and privacy. The management has a high regard for accountability to employees and customers.

It is in the spirit of labor and creativity that a professional Six Star Cleaning Service, a Suffolk County Cleaning Service offers you the pleasure of its wide array of cleaning programs. Don't feel that when it comes to cleaning your building or office that you have to tackle the job alone. A willing and able Six Star Cleaning Service, a Suffolk County Cleaning Service is just a phone call away.

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Services Offered:

  • Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services
  • Collection and disposal of all trash.
  • All glass (windows, mirrors) squeeged.
  • Dusting throughout entire office - A/C, heat vents, returns, base boards. Every ceiling and wall in all rooms including all corners. All furniture (desks, shelves, chairs), Electronics (phone, fax, copy machines, computers).
  • We scrub and disinfect your toilets, sinks, and urinals with anti-microbial products.
  • We clean carpets. Our high-powered commercial vacuums deep clean your carpet, providing you with not only beauty but also a long-lasting luster. (A clean carpet lasts longer.)
  • Your linoleum and tile floors are dusted with our special chemical treated dust mops. They are then damp-mopped.
  • We scrub and disinfect Doctor and Dental Offices.
  • Floor Stripping and waxing


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"We’ve been using Six Star for 3 years and find the cleaning to be consistent and the company trustworthy and easy to communicate with."

Jan T - Farmingdale, NY

" Six Star Cleaning Service provides great services. They offer great customer service as well as cleaning my showroom to the cleanest it has ever been. I will gladly recommend Mark and his Crew to anyone and everyone. "

Joe - Complete Kitchen and Bath - Commack NY

"I have been using Six Star Cleaning Service for the past 4 years. They have maintained our offices and kitchen in a very professional manner. I have been very pleased with the service. "


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